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You don’t need to know how a clock works to get the time; but if you struggle with Law of Attraction, it helps to understand what makes it “tick”.


It also helps to know how the mechanics of your mind participate.


Ernest Holmes explained that the Law of Attraction can only obey us; it doesn’t decide for (or against) us. However, we don’t will the Law to do anything, but we do impress our subjective beliefs on it, like a cosmic memory foam mattress. This is why, as Holmes wrote, “The idea of a successful life will create success.”


Pause and really FEEL that for a moment. Now exchange the words “successful” and “success” for any words that fit an experience or result you desire. Let’s use abundant/abundance. If you don’t feel your life is abundant, do you really and truly have the idea inside you that life is or can be abundant . . . not “should” be, Can Be, for You? When you hold such a thought, or any thought, consistently, it becomes a habit to think that way. It always comes down to how and what we really think.


What causes us to think a certain way, and how can we change this, if needed or desired? All thoughts are choices and based on choices. We make choices using two of our three minds:


Subjective Mind choices come from assessments and conclusions that stem from what we already believe or already practice.


Our Objective Mind is the one that can choose whether to do what the Subjective Mind would suggest or something else, based on what we observe and know, not just believe by default.


The Conscious Mind is the one we use to change thought patterns and thought habits of our Subjective Mind, which then changes our perspective and attitude.


This is where we return to the fact we impress our beliefs onto the Law of Attraction: our Subjective Mind is our Creative Power, and this is why what we really believe, the idea we actually have, has such influence on what we experience. Our Subjective Mind is where we put cause and effect into motion. This is also why we cannot align our beliefs with Effects to affect a desired change; we have to align beliefs and thoughts with what is possible, to Cause a desired effect. And, we have to consciously KNOW this is how it works, and deliberately put it into practice, while trusting that a Bigger Picture is always unfolding for us.


Paraphrasing Holmes, the subjective state of our thoughts is what comprises the totality of our beliefs, which is our “habitual attitude toward life and living.” Our attitude is our medium, medium meaning “an intervening thing through which a force acts or an effect is produced; a means of communication.” We can improve our experiences in direct proportion (Mental Equivalent) to how we improve what’s in our Subjective Mind (our Creative Power). But, “. . . the range of our possibilities at the present time does not extend far beyond the range of our present concepts.” The more we expand our concepts, the more we expand our possibilities, experiences, and results. This is more often than not a gradual process.


I wrote above, as I have in the past, that it’s important to Know the Truth. What does it mean to KNOW? Holmes says it well: “. . . it is a mental attitude against which there is no longer any contradiction in the mind . . . .” This means that, about any idea or concept or belief, no contradictory thoughts remain in our Subjective Mind about it. To Know is not to hope. True Knowing is tangible in our experience of reality. It is self-knowing in unity with the Principle of Law of Attraction AND the Creative Consciousness that put the Principle in place for our use. We feel it in every cell; and, Knowing is usually accompanied by a feeling of serenity or oneness (at least, that’s how it feels to me).


And this leads us back to: The idea of a successful (abundant, prosperous, healthy, etc.) life will create a like result. When we truly align with an idea, we feel oneness with it, absent of any contradictory thoughts; and this works in ways we desire and ways we don’t. We try all manner of techniques, master plans, actions or inactions, when the very first thing we should check is whether or not we embody the idea of what we desire. Opposite thoughts occupying the same space at the same time will not produce optimum desired results. The one you believe more is the one that will present experiences for you.


The next time you think about something you desire to be improved in your life, pause and ask yourself if you actually embody the idea of it as a genuine possibility for you or do you wish it but doubt it. Realizing that you can’t doubt it AND also get it, ask what it would take for you to be able to let go of any form of resistance so that you can allow the idea of your desire to live in your Subjective Mind, and in every cell of your Being.


Ask how you can align wholly with that idea. Keep in mind that your answer(s) need to be about you, not about anything or anyone changing first. Your Subjective Mind is your medium, your Creative Power Source; and no one is in there but you, even though it can sometimes feel otherwise. There are mechanics to manifestation, but You are the primary mechanic of your manifestations. You can create and you can revise.


By Joyce Shafer 

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Imagine for a moment that you are Aladdin. You just found the magic lamp and rub it. The genie comes out and says:


"You have three wishes."


What would you have wished for? Money? That promotion? A larger house? George Clooney or Catherine Zeta Jones? Would you be clever and wish for three more wishes?


Many people think they know what they want. They want wealth, or that home of their dreams. They want that big corner office. They want many different things. Many times it is material things that people say that they want.


Aladdin could have wished for one thing and the story would have been much shorter, but the ending would be the same. What is that one wish? Happiness!


So often we try to achieve happiness through money. I am not suggesting money is not part of the package of happiness, I am suggesting that money is not the whole package. There are plenty of people in large offices, making millions of dollars a year that are absolutely miserable. They have the big house, the expense account, and more expendable income than they know what to do with, but wake up every morning wondering how they can get through the day.


Suppose I grant you one wish right now. As you are reading this, I am waving a magic wand and I grant you absolute happiness. Tomorrow morning you wake up and your life is exactly the way that you want it. As you go through your day what will have changed? How will you know that this wish had been granted?


The Law of Attraction is like that lantern. You rub it and ask for what you want and "poof" it is granted. It is never a question of will you receive it, it is more of a question is it really what you wanted? In order to really get what you really want out of life, you have to decide what creates happiness in your life. Once you decide that, then miracles can happen. The Universe shifts in order to create that image of happiness that you have created in yourself. Opportunities will knock on your door and you will gain that happiness that you have sought. Sure, money can be a part of it, but wealth in ones life is much more than a dollar figure.


Before I became a life coach, Robin (my honey) and I had our own software company. Things got very scary as the money flow began to dry up. We were laying off employees and our creditors were nipping on our heels. We believed if we just had more money it would fix everything.


It was not until I discovered the principals of the Law of Attraction that things began to improve. The first thing that I did was to introduce a company-wide game with a huge spreadsheet called our Prosperity Account. We started out on Day 1 by depositing $10,000 in this imaginary account and every day folks in the company would post on the spreadsheet what they would spend that $10,000 for that day. Then every day, we would increase the deposit into the account by another $1,000 and we would all post what we would spend that amount on that day. The result was that folks were beginning to act as if this was really happening and they were beginning to be really generous with each other. The point of the game was to get our focus on something that felt better than where it had been for a long time and it literally shifted the energy - the emotional charge - we had all been carrying around.


The Prosperity Account also showed us that no matter what we did today, there was always more in the account the next day than there was the day before. Within nine months of beginning this process, someone we had never heard of approached us about buying the company, lock, stock, and barrel and we literally went from living paycheck to paycheck - when we even GOT a paycheck - to successfully selling the business for a hefty amount of money!


It was just a shift of priorities and a hard look at what we really wanted to bring into our life. We focused on happiness and that is what the Universe provided us. When I began helping others learn and utilize the Law of Attraction in their life, the transition was much easier because I knew what made me happy and now, every morning I look forward to what the day has to offer me because I am happy and know that I will continue to attract that happiness and prosperity to my life.


I will do what I promised you earlier in this article - I am granting your wish for happiness- now go out and begin to attract it into your life. 

By Eva Gregory



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