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Do you want to be successful? You can with prosperity affirmationsWhen you think positive on making money, you can do it. Of course you will have to work hard, just by thinking you are going to make a lot of money will not do the trick. 



Prosperity affirmations will get you in the work mode. You will try harder at getting your job done so you can make more money. You will find creative ways to sell your products and/or services if you remind yourself that you want to make a fantastic living for yourself as well as your family if you have children and a spouse/significant other. 


For example, if you sell products and make money from selling to other people you need to believe in the products you are selling. You have to actually use the products in your everyday life. When you do this, you are showing potential customers that you love the products and could not live without them. The products have made your life easier and better. You will sell a lot more products if you use them and can explain how well they work. You can explain the difference of your product and a similar product and why your product is so much better. You will inspire others to buy your products thus becoming more prosperous. 


On the other hand, if you are selling products that you think you can make a lot of money selling but do not use them, how will you answer potential customer’s questions? You can give an answer that is in your seller’s handbook but it would be much more personal to give your own answer. If you do not use the products you will not be as enthusiastic about them as a person who did. People are smart and will sense that you do not believe in the products as much as you would like them to believe. 


Another way to use prosperity affirmations is to volunteer. Help out at a local animal shelter or food shelter and feel more positive in your life. You will know that you are making a difference in another living being’s life. This feeling is much more powerful than any amount of money to your well-being. When you feel better and happier your health will improve. It is a known fact that stress can cause ulcers and other types of illnesses and diseases. Your health is your number one prosperity goal. If you do not have your health you will not enjoy your life to the fullest.  




Prosperity affirmations can and will make a big difference in your life. You just have to say them to yourself and make them become a reality in your everyday life. People will wonder how you accomplished a more prosperous life. You can share with them how you achieved this wonderful way of living. If you kept a journal you may decide to share the journal with those that ask you. This is an excellent way to help others get started on their prosperous journey.


By Anthony Wilson

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What is all the hype about flirting and why should you bother? If you are a single woman interested in making a connection with a wonderful single man, flirting is a great way to get noticed. Flirting is not just about how you interact; it's about how you dress, how you talk, and your body language, among other things. Flirting says you are a confident woman who is easy to talk to.


First, how you dress:

If you are a woman who would rather not bother with dressing up, have you considered that men might not want to bother talking to you if you are content to wear sweats in shades of gray? Men look first, and if they like what they see, they are more likely to approach you. Get with a trusted girlfriend and take a look at your closet if you are not sure what looks good and feminine.


Look, I was never a "girly girl" when I was younger. But I gave it a shot and I found I enjoyed the attention I got as a result. I am not extreme with it; I chose what worked for me. And you can too.


Next, how you talk:


You do not have to do a Marilyn Monroe pout and sexy voice to be flirty. Talking about upbeat subjects, smiling, and making eye-contact are sexy, girls! Asking a man to talk about himself and listening attentively can be flirty (but not if you're interrogating him).  Flirting does not need to be blatantly sexual. Friendly flirting with hints that you are enjoying the company of the man you are talking to is enough.


What about body language?


When you are interested in someone, you lean forward. You let him know you like what he has to say. You can wear a low neckline and lean forward, but come on! That seems too forward and maybe even desperate.  Preferably, you let him know that you like him by engaging him in conversation, lightly touching his arm when you are making a point, or playfully punching him in the arm (lightly, ladies) if he makes a joke or teases you.


By Michelle E. Vasquez




Michelle E. Vasquez, MS, LPC, helps single women over 40 find, attract, and keep the love of their lives by teaching them how to understand what they require to create a happy, successful relationship. She has a growing specialty in helping widows find love again after loss. 








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