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Coldwater Creek
Coldwater Creek

If you think you can, you can.

If you think you can't, you're right.

-Mary Kay Ash


My last article spoke about helping our teen girls find the balance in their lives.  And I spoke of using a balance board in my workshops to demonstrate this concept in an enjoyable, yet concrete manner. As each girl steps upon the board she discovers that this is not as easy as it might appear: once her first foot is aboard, she must then get that second foot off of the ground and onto the board without falling over.  This requires a momentary balancing act with only one foot and leg doing all the work.  Then comes the act of holding her body taught and erect as the board tries to sling her off with its see-saw motion. More often than not, the girls instinctively reach out to each other for support. That’s when the light bulb goes off: finding balance often requires help and encouragement from one’s friends.  It’s not an easy task to get through life’s challenges alone and we are fortunate when have others who are ready to support us as we make our choices.


Staying atop that wobbling board mandates that each girl calls upon her core strength – both of body and mind.  Maintaining equilibrium requires standing tall, straight and steady.  And it requires an inner confidence that ensures her that she can, indeed, get upon the board and stay there without falling.


She’s got to believe she can stay balanced; truly, fully and without reservation.


Have you ever walked outside on a particularly cold and icy day?  As you gingerly take your first step onto the slippery pavement either of two thoughts might flash through your mind:


* “Uh oh, I just know I shouldn’t do this, I’m going to fall and break my leg.”


* “If I’m cautious and watch my step, my footing will be secure and I won’t slip on the ice.”


This is much like Mary Kay Ash’s quote: if you believe you will fall, you willIf, however, you walk securely and with confidence you will certainly maintain your balance.


And this is what the girls begin to grasp as, each in turn, they find their footing on the balance board.  Believing that they can get on and stay balanced is the first step in remaining upright once atop.  And that is what we hope for them; that our teen and pre-teen girls learn to be strong in the face of temptation so they might find the balance in their lives and follow their best paths.           


By CJ Golden


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A friend of mine called late one night seeking guidance regarding a personal work-related situation. At first, I was a bit bothered because of the late hour, however it didn’t take long before I realized that this dialogue was about to offer me something very special while at the same time providing another soul, my friend in this case, with much needed solace – definitely a 2-for-1 deal!


During the course of our conversation, I was reminded how easy it is to get caught up in being Human while forgetting about being Spirit. While some espouse the importance of setting aside our egos, transcending the ego in an effort to achieve “enlightenment”, I feel strongly that it is in the balancing of these dual aspects - the human being/ego and the spiritual being/soul – that we truly achieve wellness on every level! Thank you my friend for providing me the opportunity to be reminded about this balancing act, about the embracing and the integration of our humanness and spiritness, especially when it appears most impossible during times of duress and challenge.


If we focus on the light, the divine, the God, the Spirit – the whatever you prefer to name it - within and shift away from focusing entirely on the fight, the righteousness, the revenge and the resentment...finding that place of peace within, giving up the fight and letting go of the struggle encircles us with such grace.

Put YOUR energy into illuminating and expressing your light, the God or Spirit within you, so that what others see is a reflection of the love, compassion, forgiveness, nonjudgement and grace of your true self – your Spirit!

Dr. Kimble Greene 

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